Email Services

These days, all companies use email as their primary mean of communication, not only in the office between staff, but also to customers to send bills, information and vital communications. This is why Titan Technologies, LLC offers a range of services to keep your email safe, accessible and secure for years to come. With us looking after your email, you can concentrate on running your business.

Email Encryption

Titan Technologies's secure email solutions allow us to encrypt the valuable information that is contained in your business emails, keeping it secure and helping your company to comply with privacy rules and regulations. We save you money and time by cutting down on your email management costs.

We understand the vital importance of keeping confidential or sensitive data belonging to your company or customers and offer an alternative to an expensive, onsite encryption product. We ensure that all outbound emails are sent securely via our cost-effective high performing encryption methods.

Email Archiving

Titan Technologies's cost-effective archiving of emails (inbound, outbound and internal) helps companies to reduce their email management hassles in one cost-effective solution, for business continuity, regulatory compliance and efficient communications.

The amount of email traffic, running through even small offices can be staggering. And many of these messages need to be stored, backed up and easily accessed when needed. With Titan Technologies's archiving solutions, you can bring the exact information you need, at the click of a mouse. In addition, you enjoy:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Easy and instant access to messages when needed.
  • Compliance support for email archives
  • Data protection through transport and storage encryption

Find out more about our comprehensive email services today!