Ransomware text on hex code illustration

The WannaCry Ransomware has been wreaking havoc across Europe and the United States for days now, and analysts are expecting it to get worse from here. Titan is dedicated to making sure your data stays as safe as possible, and that you know what to do should your system become infected. This page is going to be updated constantly, as more information becomes available.

We've been gathering information from around the web about just what this virus is, and how it's spreading. The basic breakdown is that it is a Malware virus that is exploiting a vulnerability in the Windows operating system.  The ransomware works by encrypting all or most of the data stored on a particular system, and demanding money in exchange for it's release. Windows machines that are as little as 2 weeks out of date with their patches and security updates can be vulnerable to this Malware.

Quick Tips to Stay Safe:

-DO NOT PAY THE RANSOM IF YOU BECOME INFECTED. This could essentially be funding future terrorism.

-Immediately pull power from any machine you suspect is infected.

-Make sure all your backups are taking place both locally, and in the cloud.

-Train, train, train your staff. Patches are a great line of defense, but start building that human firewall now.

Some articles we've assembled from around the web on what this malware is:

Massive cyberattack targeting 99 countries causes sweeping havoc (CNN Money)

National Health Service Cyber Attack Hits English Hospitals (NBC News)

What to do now:

The safest thing to do right now is to maintain a heightened sense of security in all your online activities. Make sure your firewalls and operating system patches are up-to-date. Also:

  • If you receive any e-mail attachment from someone you do not personally know, do not open it  and delete the e-mail.
  •  If you receive any e-mail attachment from someone you know but you aren't expecting them to  send you anything, do not open it.
  •  If you receive an e-mail containing a link and you are not positive that it's legitimate, do not click  it.
  •  If you receive an e-mail containing a link from someone you do not recognize, do not click it and  delete the e-mail.
  • If any Microsoft Office application ever asks you to "Enable Macros", do not accept.


And to Our Current Clients:

All your business machines currently being covered by Titan are already patched and updated. Our team has been working around the clock (literally) double and triple-checking that you are as secure as you can be. Titan has your back. Stay safe out there!